Be Realistic Regarding Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding can become overwhelming, over budget, and over-dramatic if couples do not keep components realistic. Yes, a wedding day should be exactly what the couple desires but sometimes that is not feasible. That does not mean giving up on the theme or concept, it just means being an adult about the process. An example is the classic desire of a Hawaii wedding. Many couples want to get married on a sandy beach with the ocean on one side and a volcano on the other.


If the couple happens to live in Hawaii, this can easily fall within the budget. If the couple live elsewhere, some compromises will have to be made. A realistic approach will include discussions around eloping, the possibility of having a reception after returning from the honeymoon, or ways to recreate the beach locally. There are a variety of ways to decorate, entertain, and enjoy a Hawaii wedding at home.

Set the Mood

Request that guests arrive in casual beach attire. Shorts, flip flops, sundresses, t-shirts, and straw hats will do nicely. That will get everyone in the mood for a beach reception and they will be more comfortable than at any other wedding. Play some authentic Hawaiian music or hire some hula dancers to perform traditional dances. Purchase low-cost leis at the dollar store and have them handed out to guests as they arrive.

Decorate Accordingly

Get family and friends to help browse craft, party, and dollar stores for decorations. This will be fun and cost very little. Starfish, seashells, sand, shovels and pails, and tiki torches are a few suggestions. The decorations can be elegant or campy, depending on the preference of the couple. Instead of putting favors on the tables, place them in a cardboard treasure chest surrounded by a mound of sand and mark it with an X.

Keep It Simple and In Budget

The best way to ensure everyone, including the couple, have a stress-free and fun time is to keep the arrangements simple. Planning every little element or needing to micro-manage every detail is not worth the stress and anxiety. Allow plenty of time for decorating the venue. If the timing will be tight be sure to get organized and that everyone helping knows exactly what they need to do when.

Keep track of the expenses so the event does not go over budget. Starting married life in debt or arguing over a credit card bill is ridiculous. The whole wedding memory will be about the fight after the bills arrived. Start saving for a vow renewal in Hawaii on the tenth wedding anniversary and keep the wedding affordable.


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